In addition to finding checkpoints within the maze, we offer to fun games to play:

Monster Mystery


You are looking for the weapon that defeated the monsters and found Boots the Dog. He was kidnapped and hidden on the farm. 

activity within the maze

To play the game, you have to locate six stations inside the maze. At each you have to find the monster and the hiding place and punch the corresponding picture on the clue books.


To complete the game and find out what weapon was used all six location maps have to be found. The banner at the end of the maze is the last stop in the game to find the missing weapon and animal that has it. 


Rescuing Boots and defeating the monsters is a reward by itself but the sticker showing you did it……. awesome! 

Farm Tracks

This is the perfect game for 2 to 8-year-olds. They will search for the animal who stole Farmer Joe's pie and learn about animal tracks in the process. It is a tactile game that adds to the fun of the maze while allowing them the thrill of solving a mystery.